5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Pail

How can an entire breakfast in a Chinese food container go wrong?  The breakfast pail was invented by student employees who needed a quick snack while they were working. Depending on how you’re ordering or eating, you may, in fact, be making a mistake. Here are five ideas to improve your pail experience

1. Not getting over easy eggs.

One key element is the runny yolk as it covers the other ingredients.  While some of you may prefer your eggs scrambled, runny yolks make the pail.

2.  Not ordering avocado.

We bring in hundreds of fresh avocados every day.  You don’t have to skip bacon or sausage, just make sure you add avocado.  After all what’s a couple of points when it comes to pail perfection? (note: avocado goes better with scrambled eggs)

3.  Adding Hollandaise sauce.

Check the specials board for the Eggs Benny.  Whatever Hollandaise sauce is being used for that is usually available for a pail.  Like the over easy egg, this stuff MAKES the pail.


maar-sriracha-recipes-intro-vthis or our hot Franks wing sauce







5.  Not mixing from the bottom.

photo (2)

A pail is meant to be mixed.  As Bob Marley sang, “Stir it Up”  Eating from the bottom is the best way to get a little bit of every layer in every bite.


We know your pail is personal.  Everyone has their own way. Tell us what’s in your pail  @weswings



Join our Mug Club Now Only 18 Points!

mug clubMug Club FAQ

What is it?

Purchase a reusable mug from either WesWings or Red & Black Café for free refills of soda and iced coffee every time you visit.

Can I use it at other campus locations?

Only WesWings and Red & Black Cafe.

How much is it?

38 points    Now just 29 18 points if you purchase this semester! In January it goes up to 20 points.  

How long does it last?

The mug is good until the end of the spring semester May 2014.

What drinks can I get?

Fountain soda and iced coffee.  Bottled drinks, hot coffee, iced tea, chai and espresso drinks are not included.

Do I have to purchase a drink every time to get a refill?

No, there is only a one time fee of 38 points.  After that, simply come to the counter and ask for your drink.

How many times can I refill during a visit?

To avoid people abusing the system and sharing with friends we technically limit to one refill per visit.  We usually are pretty flexible on this.

Do I have to purchase anything else to get a free refill?


What do I do if I lose my mug?

Don’t.  You should write you name on it to help if it is lost.  Like cash, you’re basically S.O.L if you do.

How long are the mugs being sold?

We have a limited number of mugs.  Once they are sold, that’s it.

Wesleyan Storytelling Project: WesWings Guy Edition

This week, listen to Mia Lobel ’97 in conversation with Ed Thorndike, Class of 1989. Ed Thorndike is one of Wesleyan’s well-known entrepreneurs–if you’ve ever been to Wes Wings or Red & Black Cafe, you’d know why. An English major at school, and a restauranteur by profession, Ed is not only the 4th generation in his family to attend Wesleyan, but he’s also the 4th Edward Thorndike to do so.

For the past 22 years, Wes Wings and Red & Black have comprised the core of a modern-day Wesleyan experience, and Wesleyan students continue to enjoy Ed’s close relationship with Wesleyan. Tune in for five minutes and listen to Ed discuss the most common Wes Wings misconceptions and how he got into this business in the first place.

Could Be Worse. Could Be Raining.


Wes Wings and Red & Black Cafe are both OPEN!!!

Update:  The Cafe and bookstore will be open 11am-4pm Monday

WesWings open regular hours.  

It’s been a difficult few days and it’s not over yet.  We will follow up with a long list of thank you’s to so many people.

Both locations have specials and we will post when we can.

Blizzard of the Century Schedule


Update: The Red & Black Cafe and bookstore will be closed today Sunday.  We hope to re-open on Monday.

Wes Wings will continue to be open regular hours.  11-2  Brunch  5-8  Dinner

We will update the schedule including any closings as the clean up progresses.

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Red and Black Café never seems to disappoint. This place is part deli, part coffee shop, a quarter bakery, and is conveniently located right in our campus bookstore. Did you ever notice the baskets of cheeses located in front of the refrigerator display near the yogurts and prepared sandwiches? And we’re not talking about pre-packaged American singles or string cheese. This is some quality stuff. Today we noticed blocks of Grana Parmesan, Brie, fresh mozzarella, and goat cheese. We asked the cashier if they just sold leftovers that they didn’t use on the sandwiches, and she explained that actually, a fare share of customers come in exclusively to purchase cheese, many of whom live in Junior Village. Overall, we don’t know what we’re more impressed with: the fact that the café in our campus bookstore is selling Bel Gioloso Fresh Mozzarella, or the concept that a good portion of our…

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