Message from Karen & Ed

To all of our customers, staff and the entire Wesleyan family. We want to let you know what services Weswings and the Red & Black Cafe will be offering during the next few weeks and remainder of the semester.

Our upcoming schedule remains unchanged. The Red & Black Cafe will be reopening on Monday March 16th. It will be open 9am-5pm March 16-22. On Monday March 23rd it will return to regular hours 9am-8pm M-F and 9-5 Sat & Sun until March 30th.

WesWings will reopen Friday March 20th and will be open 11am-8pm until March 30th. Weswings has extended its afternoon hours to reduce congestion at mealtimes and to be able to serve students at off hours during their move.

After March 30, both locations plan to remain open to service any students, faculty and staff who are remaining on campus. We will reevaluate our hours of operation and may reduce them depending on customer needs.

To our student staff: If there are any student workers who receive permission to remain on campus, we will make every effort to schedule hours for you.

To our non student full and part time staff: We are making every effort to maintain our work schedules. During the end of March as students are moving off campus, there may be increases or decreases in schedules depending on needs. After March 30th, we will reevaluate our needs and adjust schedules accordingly. If at anytime during the next two months it becomes necessary to close either location, everyone will continue to be paid their regular hours up to 40 hrs per week until our regularly scheduled summer break May 16th. This pandemic is causing so many disruptions and hardships for so many people. We want to do as much as we can to support our staff. You are what make our restaurants run so smoothly and allow us to be successful. You have been there for us, we want to do what we can to help you too. While this entire experience will be a huge financial loss for us, our staff is the backbone of our restaurants and we know this is the right thing to do.

We have been here for almost 30 years and have served the Wesleyan community through blizzards, ice storms and lockdowns. We’ve been through the best and worst of times and always come through. This time will be no different.

-Karen & Ed

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