WesWings Specials Monday 12-11-23


Turkey Reuben OR No Meat Rueben
Turkey on grilled white with melted swiss, sauerkraut and 1,000 Island dressing. Or skip the meat! Served with your choice of salad or fries.$15.95

Nachos with Chicken
Our house fried tortillas topped with grilled chicken, black olives, diced tomatoes, peppers and melted cheddar cheese. Served with salsa, avocado and sour cream on the side.$12.95

Vegetarian Connection
Caramelized onions, apples, cheddar, honey mustard on panini pressed rustic Italian. Comes with your choice of soup, salad or fries.$11.95

Avocado Toast & Lox
7 Grain toast or plain or “everything” bagel with avocado, lox, tomato, onion and capers.$16.95


Pesto Penne
A Wes Wings favorite! Penne pasta tossed in a pesto Alfredo sauce with your choice of grilled chicken, seitan, falafel. Comes with a side of bread.$17.95

Chicken tenders dipped in spicy Thai chili sauce with glazed carrots, red peppers and white rice in a pressed wrap! Comes with soup, salad or fries.$15.95

WesWings Specials Saturday 12-9-23


ALL NEW!! Breakfast “Pail”
A container layered with tater tots,2 eggs (over-easy or scrambled.) and your choice of sausage, turkey sausage, bacon, or avocado. Extra free toppings- diced tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach. All covered in our warm house made cheese sauce. Add extra eggs for $1.50 points each.

French Toast with Bananas & Nutella
Slices of our thick Texas toast with bananas & Nutella topping. Comes with your choice of bacon, sausage or fresh fruit and a side of maple syrup.

Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs served on toasted English muffins, Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of home fries & fresh fruit. Substitute smoked salmon for 3 points.

Bacon Egg & Cheese (Hangover Special)
The “Hang-Over” special! A fried egg, cheese bacon or avocado or ham or sausage on a bagel with a side of fries. Add additional eggs for 1.50 points each. Also available without meat.

Bagel N’ Lox Platter
A toasted bagel with smoked salmon. Served with capers, cream cheese, red onion, sliced tomato and a side of fruit. Plain & everything bagels available.

Hot Oatmeal
a 12 ounce cup of oatmeal with diced apple, cranberries and brown sugar.


Baked Macaroni and Cheese
A creamy blend of cheeses baked with elbow pasta! Add grilled chicken and crumbled bacon * Large side of plain mac & cheese $12.95 * Small plain side $ 5.95

BBQ’d Pulled Pork Wrap Panino
BBQ’d pulled pork with housemade bbq & shredded cheddar cheese in a wrap and pressed. Served with corn sweet potato fries.

Bang Bang Grilled Cheese
Country white bread with chicken tenders, cheese, bacon & house made BANG BANG sauce panini pressed. Comes with soup, salad or fries.

WesWings Specials Friday 12-8-23

Eggplant Parmesan Grinder
Fried eggplant cutlets with homemade marinara and melted provolone cheese on a grinder roll. Comes with your choice of soup, salad or fries.$14.95

Turkey Reuben OR No Meat Rueben
Turkey on grilled white with melted swiss, sauerkraut and 1,000 Island dressing. Or skip the meat! Served with your choice of salad or fries.$15.95

Tuna- Bagel Melt
Tuna on a toasted plain or everything bagel with melted Muenster, tomato and bacon and chipolte mayo. Comes with soup, salad or fries.$14.95

Po’ Boy
Clam strips in a soft roll with lettuce, tomato and a spicy chipotle mayo. Comes with a side of fries, small soup or small salad.$14.95

Avocado Toast & Lox
7 Grain toast or plain or “everything” bagel with avocado, lox, tomato, onion and capers.$16.95


General Swings Chicken
Tender glazed chicken in a spicy Thai sauce served with broccoli and rice & and an egg roll!$17.95

California Girl Panino
Turkey breast, avocado, Swiss cheese, bacon, with chipotle in a wrap, then pressed. Comes with your choice soup, salad or fries.$16.95

Caprese Grilled Cheese
Mozzarella cheese on rustic Italian bread with tomatoes and pesto. Comes with a side of soup or fries.$11.95

Sept. 14, 2023 Update on Union Recognition

Yesterday, an independent mediation service certified the signatures on union authorization cards that been collected by UNITE HERE last spring. They were able to verify 39 cards which represents almost 56% of the eligible workers who were employed at the time.

In the coming days we will continue the process to officially recognize the union and the next steps in collective bargaining. As we previously stated, we will be reaching out to all stakeholders during this time, including the union, our customers and the university. We believe working with everyone, we can transform our operations to improve the lives of our employees, the experience of our customers and the overall dining plan at Wesleyan.

-Karen & Ed

Class of 2027 Guide to the RBC (Red & Black Cafe)

First things first:  we are located at 45 Broad St and YES WE TAKE POINTS.  You can use your meal plan points all day, 7 days a week.  

  • Second, you can text your order in. 860-650-1214 (never a wait)
  • Just like WesWings we are a small independent business owned by Karen & Ed ’89
  • Grilled panini,
  • 2 or 3 soups a day
  • build your own grilled cheese
  • Breakfast ALL DAY
  • Fresh Smoothies.

Lots of choices for food and even more to drink.  First the food

Under Build Your Own Sandwich you can create just what you want.  Try our famous Cranberry-Apple Tuna.  We’ve also have

  • Sliced turkey
  • Home cooked roast beef,
  • Baked ham
  • House made Hummus

Plenty of bread options and spreads as well.  Any sandwich can be grilled on the panini press.



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8/28/23 Update on Unionization at WesWings and Red & Black Cafe

We are pleased to announce that on Friday August 25th we signed a Neutrality & Voluntary Recognition Agreement with Local 217 UNITE HERE
With this new agreement, Local 217 has withdrawn their petition with the NLRB and we have agreed to voluntarily recognize the eligible workers unit assuming the union establishes majority support of eligible workers.
While it is illegal for a company to seek or favor unionization, we welcome an end to this controversy and look forward to working with Local 217

In the following months we will be engaging with all of the stakeholders affected by this process, including our employees, Local 217, our customers and Wesleyan University. We believe by working together, we can enact changes that will enhance the lives of our employees, the experience for our customers and the dining program at Wesleyan.

This is our 33rd September, and for almost a third of a century we have dedicated our lives to owning and managing our two small businesses at Wesleyan. We have always stood by our staff and supported them through the darkest of times. The addition of Local 217 will not change that.

In the coming days we will be welcoming the class of 2027 ❤️ and the return of the upper classes. We can’t wait to get back to business and show you some of our new specials and expanded tent on the patio. We are eternally grateful for the support of our friends, families, staff, customers and the entire Wesleyan community.

-Karen & Ed

Class of 2027 Guide To ‘Swinging

photo (3)

Eggs Benedict with fresh Asparagus one of many Weekend Brunch specials

You’ve heard about it.  They have cookie dough.  Maybe you even ate here during WesFest.  But now you’re here, standing in line, with a crowd around you, and you hear one of the cashiers yell, “Can I help who’s next?”  

WesWings can be a little daunting the first few times.  Some will panic and just order a burger and fries or a chicken sandwich.  Our menu is pretty extensive and the choices are vast.

  • What kind of bread?
  • Regular or spicy fries?
  • What kind of sauce?
  • Here or to go?

To list just a few of the questions you’ll be asked.

So here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of our little establishment Remember, yes we take points and like the Red & Black Cafe, we are a small independent business owned by Karen & Ed ’89

  1. Water is free, cups are not.  We charge 25 cents for a water cup so if you don’t want to buy a drink, bring your own mug.  We do this to reduce waste, not make money.
  2. To Go containers are free.  Our portions are big and delicious so why not bring it home.

What to order?

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