WesWings Specials Friday 10-20-17

Breakfast “Pail”
A container layered with hash browns, shredded cheddar, 2 eggs (over-easy or scrambled.) and your choice of ( turkey sausage, bacon, or avocado) Add extra eggs for $1.25 point each.
Black Bean Veggie Burger
Black bean veggie burger in a wrap with with melted cheddar , salsa & lettuce. Served with your choice of fries, soup or small house salad.$12.95
Turkey Bagel Melt
Turkey on a toasted bagel with tomato, bacon and Swiss cheese. Served with your choice of salad, fries or small soup.$12.95
Chicken & Penne Pesto
Pasta in a pesto cream sauce with grilled chicken. Served with a side of bread. Falafel and seitan available too.$15.95
Soba Noodle Salad with Grilled Chicken
Soba noodles with assorted vegetables, marinated chicken with a spicy peanut sauce. Tofu, falafel and seitan available too.$15.95  Add panko fried shrimp for $17.95

Red & Black Cafe Friday Specials


!!Grilled Cheese of The Day!!
– Havarti & Swiss with roasted pork and carmelized onions on 7 grain. Served with small deli salad or cup of soup

Dutch Uitsmijter
– the origional Dutch Omelet. Ciabata bread with a schmear of goat cheese and sauted spinach topped with 2 fried eggs. Comes with hash Browns

Heuveos Rancheros
– Two fried eggs with black beans and a blanket of cheddar cheese– served on a corn tortilla with splash of salsa.

Margarita Omelet
– Our fluffy omelet filled with sweet basil, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Served with hash browns and toast.

Text Your Order Service at Red & Black Cafe




  • Now you can text your order to the Red & Black Cafe all day everyday.
  • The first time you text us, you will be asked for your name and class year to add you to our system (it’s automated so play along).  After that it’s so quick and easy.
  • Ask us about specials or daily soups
  • Receive promotional updates and discounts like 1/2 priced smoothies, free coffee etc.
  • Typical response time is less than a minute and often in seconds
  • Typical wait time for your order is about 5-7 minutes

The Cafe is open Monday-Friday 9am- 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm

YES we take points