Finals Week Schedule


Both locations are open during finals.

Weswings will close for the summer on Friday 2pm

Red & Black Cafe will close for the summer on Saturday 1pm

LocationM-Th 5/15-5/18Fri 5/19Sat 5/20
Red & Black Café9am-5pm9am-5pm9am-1pm

Update on Union Negotiations

We are pleased to announce on May 1st, we reached a stipulated agreement with Unite Here Local 217 and the NLRB on the terms of an election for both full time and regular part-time student and non-student employees. We appreciate everyone who had the patience to wait until the NLRB process was completed and not jump to conclusions, giving us the benefit of the doubt.

When faced with a situation where our employees have conflicting points of view with each other, we have done our best to treat everyone with fairness and act in the best interests of our organizations.

We look forward to the election and finishing this process. Further updates and notifications will be posted as required by the NLRB

We will continue to abide by the terms of our agreement, the NLRB rules that apply and will respect the results whatever the outcome.

– Karen & Ed

Our Statement on Recent Organizing Activities

To Our Customers, Friends and the Wesleyan Community:

Yesterday morning we heard rumors that a rally involving Bon Appetit student workers also included some of our student staff from both WesWings and Red & Black Café. And that they planned to march to one or both of our locations regarding unionizing.

At 12 noon, a group of 25-30 students arrived at Weswings reciting demands with an ultimatum to voluntarily recognize their union by Monday April 10th.

We literally had no idea what any of this meant. We had never been approached by any employee or been aware that anyone has had a problem working at WesWings or Red & Black. We felt completely blindsided. Within 9 hours organizers began spreading posts on social media encouraging a picketing event the next day along with a boycott of both locations.

We have attempted to reach out to our student staff to better understand their complaints and what any of this means. We have heard that some student staff were told the full time employees are for unionizing. This is a lie. Our non-student fulltime staff want nothing to do with unionizing and have requested a meeting with student staff to make their views known and to let them know how this may affect their livelihoods.  We are planning multiple meetings to meet with our staff after the Passover and Easter Holidays

Recent posts have referred to us as “management” and to refrain from litigation. We have no legal department. We have no HR department. “Management” is Karen and Ed. We are the ones who order the food, lug cases of avocadoes, pay the bills, make your sandwich, cook the wings and call your name.

For over 32 years we have prided ourselves for not only providing excellent food but being an exemplary employer.  We have always stood by our staff and provided for them during some of the most difficult times. We believe that the numerous employees who have been with us over 20 years and the overwhelming student applications we receive is a testament to our reputation as a caring and responsible employer.

When Covid shut down the country, before any public assistance was ever announced, we committed to paying our staff the remainder of the school year. We did not know if we would ever reopen but we wanted to help them despite the costs. When vaccines first became available, we went to incredible lengths to get all of our workers vaccinated weeks before they were publicly available or Wesleyan could provide them. We hosted a clinic to help all students and the custodial staff when no one else would.

We have been in business for over 32 years and have worked tirelessly to promote a positive, inclusive work environment. Most former employees will state Wes Wings and Red & Black was the best job they ever had. We are not anti-union; we want what is best for our employees and our company. We would like the opportunity to sit with our students and work together to solve their issues, like we have been doing since 1991.

-Karen & Ed

Reopening Plans and Updates

We are getting ready for reopening both Swings and Red & Black for the fall semester (Sept. 4) and we want to let everyone know what is new and what is old.

Number one: Our entire staff is 100% vaxed. We were very aggressive last spring getting people shots and we will continue to require ALL employees be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Number two: We are still take out only. Red & Black will be taking orders in person or by text (Zingle). Wes Wings will have the same system as last year. Lots of outdoor seating and the return of the Patio Grill

Number three: In accordance with university policy, masks will be required when indoors.

We are hopeful that restrictions on indoor seating and masking will be temporary. We have lots of new specials at both locations and can’t wait to see everyone.

-Karen & Ed

We’re 99% Vaxed

Today we hosted our second Moderna clinic for students, staff, family, and friends to get their second vaccine dose. 99% of our entire staff have now received both doses of Covid vaccines. As of tomorrow May 14th over 64% of our entire staff will be fully vaccinated two weeks past their second dose.

We are grateful to the Middletown Health Department and their volunteers who have helped us and so many residents of Middletown get their vaccine.

Update on WesWings and Red & Black Cafe March 29th

To all our customers, employees and the Wesleyan community, we want to let everyone know the latest on our restaurants, employees and plans for the next several months.

We have been closed since the beginning of spring break opening for only one day which we described in a previous post. We have decided, baring an emergency situation that would require our services, to remain closed for the rest of the spring semester. Under current conditions it does not make sense to reopen. Our staff will finish the shutdown process in our kitchens over the next few weeks.

We have been paying our non student full and part-time staff while we have been shutdown. However with the recent passage of the stimulus package, we will be making changes. The new law provides an additional $600/week of unemployment benefits on top of regular state benefits. After consulting with our staff, we believe that it will be more beneficial for them to receive these benefits than remaining on active payroll. While the new law goes into effect immediately, we will continue to pay our staff until April 4th to make sure they are financially secure until the new plan is implemented. We will continue to provide all employee benefit programs including medical, dental and retirement. This is a temporary shutdown and ALL employees are expected to return when we reopen in September. Our primary concern has and will remain the well being of our staff.

While the recent stimulus bill will help our staff and relieve us of some payroll expenses, our restaurants will still be under considerable financial stress. We have made several moves to insure that our employees are provided for and all our vendors are paid. We are counting on our customers to support us in the fall. We’ll need everyone of you buying wings, mozz sticks, penne vodka and pails.

We are incredibly sad that we will not have the many spring events that we all enjoy. Pail-a-Palooza, Lobsterfest and senior night dinner to name a few. We will do everything we can to make it up especially for the class of 2020.

Be safe, stay at home, wash your hands and GoWes

-Karen & Ed

Buy Gift Cards to Support Weswings and Red & Black Cafe

During the shutdown due to Coronavirus, Karen & Ed, owners of both locations have committed to paying all non student full and part time employees up to 40 hours/week until the regularly scheduled summer break.

One way you can support our efforts is to purchase a gift card. This will help us with our immediate financial needs to pay our staff and other expenses. It gives you the opportunity to get some great food when our restaurants reopen. We are thankful for everyone’s support during this difficult time. #GoWes

-Karen & Ed

Purchase Gift Card

Note: Cards are eGift Cards that can be forwarded to family and friends and are easily redeemed in person at both locations.

Update on Red & Black Cafe and Weswings March 16th

Today we opened the Red & Black Cafe to do our part helping feed students as they were leaving campus. While we are not the primary campus dining service provider, we have always felt committed to serving the Wesleyan community no matter the circumstances. Snow storms, power outages etc. We have always been there as long as we believed we could do so without endangering our staff or customers.

Today was a challenge. We began the day short staffed trying to prep both the dining area to accommodate a takeout only setup as well as our menu. When we opened our registers, we found the Blackboard system down making it difficult to ascertain if students still had funds or not. We assured our customers that everyone would be fed regardless of ability to pay. Later as more people came in, we quickly moved to a text order only system to create more social distancing as the increased number of waiting customers began to create anxiety amongst both staff and customers.

By mid afternoon we learned of the all campus email encouraging students to leave ASAP and/or not attempt returning to campus at this time. In addition several of our suppliers informed us of problems they were facing.

As we have said, staying open to feed our student customers has always been a priority. Unfortunately the conditions, the safety of our staff and the reality of what we are capable of, have made us come to the conclusion that we must for the time being close both locations.

As we have previously announced, all of our non student full and part time employees will continue to be paid their regular wages up to 40 hours/week until our regularly scheduled summer break.

We have not made the decision to permanently close for the semester. We will continue to maintain both locations. This will allow us to quickly reopen and provide service if needed. We are waiting to see how many students will remain on campus and what the guidance from government officials will be in the coming weeks.

Please follow us on our various social media platforms as well as our website for updates.

We appreciate everything this community has done for us. We are so lucky to be part of the Wesleyan family. We are heartbroken to make this decision but know it is the right thing to do.

-Karen & Ed