8/28/23 Update on Unionization at WesWings and Red & Black Cafe

We are pleased to announce that on Friday August 25th we signed a Neutrality & Voluntary Recognition Agreement with Local 217 UNITE HERE
With this new agreement, Local 217 has withdrawn their petition with the NLRB and we have agreed to voluntarily recognize the eligible workers unit assuming the union establishes majority support of eligible workers.
While it is illegal for a company to seek or favor unionization, we welcome an end to this controversy and look forward to working with Local 217

In the following months we will be engaging with all of the stakeholders affected by this process, including our employees, Local 217, our customers and Wesleyan University. We believe by working together, we can enact changes that will enhance the lives of our employees, the experience for our customers and the dining program at Wesleyan.

This is our 33rd September, and for almost a third of a century we have dedicated our lives to owning and managing our two small businesses at Wesleyan. We have always stood by our staff and supported them through the darkest of times. The addition of Local 217 will not change that.

In the coming days we will be welcoming the class of 2027 ❤️ and the return of the upper classes. We can’t wait to get back to business and show you some of our new specials and expanded tent on the patio. We are eternally grateful for the support of our friends, families, staff, customers and the entire Wesleyan community.

-Karen & Ed