WTF Happened to My Turkey Panino and other Changes to the RBC Menu

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Relax it’s still here.  We made a lot of changes to the menu but we have only ADDED more items.  Your old favorites are still here and now you can make them better.

First the Turkey Panino.  Now you order it from the BYO Sandwich menu.

Turkey, cheddar and pesto on grilled focaccia bread.  Add some tomatoes it always makes it better.

In addition to the Turkey Panino you can customize lots of Sandwiches.

Under Build Your Own Sandwich you can create just what you want.  We still have our famous Cranberry-Apple Tuna.  We’ve added

  • Home cooked roast beef,
  • Baked ham
  • House made Hummus

Plenty of bread options and new spreads as well.  Any sandwich can be grilled on the panini.


Like the Build Your Own Sandwich, You can now Build Your Own Salad

Start with our basic mixed baby greens salad for $6.95.  You can add a protein for $4  Extra toppings like fresh avocado and specialty cheeses are also available.

 BYO Salad 2

Build Your Own Grilled Cheese.  Choose your cheese, fillings, protein if you like and any of our spreads are available too.  We’ll be offering a daily Grilled Cheese Combo of the Day to combine with soup or a deli salad and give you ideas for future grilled cheese creations.


Finally our Signature Sandwiches.  The Old Familiar Ones We’ve Always Had.

Special Note:  Like We Said, We Still make the Turkey Panino.  Just ask if you can’t remember the ingredients for a BYO sandwich

RBC Menu 2

prices are subject to change