Class of 2019 Guide To ‘Swinging

You’ve heard about it.  They have cookie dough.  Maybe you even ate there during WesFest.  But now you’re here, standing in line, with a crowd around you, and you hear one of the cashiers yell, “Can I help who’s next?”  

WesWings can be a little daunting the first few times.  Some will panic and just order a burger and fries or a chicken sandwich.  Our menu is pretty extensive and the choices are vast.

  • What kind of bread?
  • Regular or spicy fries?
  • What kind of sauce?
  • Here or to go?

To list just a few of the questions you’ll be asked.

So here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of our little dining establishment.

  1. Water is free, cups are not.  We charge 25 cents for a water cup so if you don’t want to buy a drink, bring your own mug.  We do this to reduce waste, not make money.
  2. To Go containers are free.  Our portions are big and delicious so why not bring it home.

What to order?

  1. Wings.  After all it is in our name.  Our wings arrive fresh and are pretty big.  An order of 12 is good for one person.  If you prefer boneless, we dip our chicken tenders in all of our sauces and are a popular choice.  We have several temperatures of Buffalo including a ghost pepper sauce.  If you’re looking for something different, try honey ginger.  If you want something you can’t get anywhere else, try our Rochester sauce.  Once you’ve had the medium Rochester, you’ll never go back to anything else.  
  2. Tender Sandwich.  You grew up on them and ours are pretty tasty.  From the Build Your Own Sandwich menu board.  Order a sandwich on bread, in a wrap or on a grinder (that’s CT for hoagie, sub, torpedo, po boy)  Fill it with any of our sandwich toppings and sauces.  (bacon…avocado..buffalo sauce.. Medium Rochester yum) lots of choices, great sandwich.  Two other great chicken tender menu items are the Kickin’ Chicken Club and the Chicken Parm Grinder
  3. Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches.  Both are cooked fresh and have plenty of options.  The Country Club is the most popular chicken sandwich and the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger is tops as well.
  4. But I’m a vegetarian.  WesWings is the most, we repeat, the most vegetarian friendly chicken wing restaurant in the world!  Veggie burgers are good, skip the herb mayo and cheese to make it vegan.  We’ve been making falafel for almost 25 years.  We make it from scratch and offer it in a sandwich, on a salad or as a substitute on any of our daily specials.  Seitan come from a local supplier called The Bridge.  We lightly bread and fry it for sandwiches, salads or as  veggie wings.  We always have a marinated tofu (also from The Bridge) to put in a sandwich, salad or on one of our specials.  Finally, our garden bagel melts, hummus sandwiches and even a grilled cheese rounds out the many choices.
  5. Specials.  Why we’re so popular and what will keep you coming back.  At lunch, we will have 3-4 specials.  From meatball grinders to fried clams to Philly steak sandwiches, they are always paired with sides to give you value and make it easy to decide when you don’t have a lot of time for lunch.  At dinner, our salad specials are huge and often feature great toppings like fresh strawberries, goat cheese, candied nuts, crab cakes, fresh mozzarella and basil.  We often have  pasta and will feature penne vodka, homemade meatballs, and our very popular Eggplant Parmesan.  What else do we make?  Awesome pulled pork, Grilled Salmon, baby back ribs, risotto with shrimp, LOBSTER.
  6. Weekend Brunch.  Come find out what’s in a breakfast pail.  Try our eggs Benedict, omelets, smoked salmon, chunky monkey pancakes, french toast stuffed with plantains and of course free coffee.

This of course is just a brief overview.  The more you eat here, the better you’ll become at creating your perfect meal.  We strive to use the freshest ingredients, local when we can get them.  Most of what we serve has been made from scratch.  If you have a question about ingredients because of allergies or whether or not an item is vegan, vegetarian etc…, just ask and usually the person who made it is available to answer your questions.

And most importantly, we are very busy serving hundreds of students every hour.  Occasionally we will make a mistake.  We may not always get it right, but we will ALWAYS make it right.  Let us know if you are not happy and we will make you happy.  While social media is a great way to hear about our specials, see how we make or food etc.., it’s not the most direct way to correct your problem.  Tell us in person.

-Karen & Ed

…next up a guide to the Red & Black Café