Dude Where’s My Falafel? (A student Guide to ‘Swings Menu Changes)

We noticed that some of you are having trouble adjusting to our new menu boards.  As much as we enjoy watching the confused looks on your faces, the changes really are intended to simplify the process.  Only a couple of items are gone, some have moved and overall your choices have increased.

Many sandwiches have been consolidated to the “Build Your Own Sandwich Board”

7Items like the Falafel Wrap, Tender Sandwich,  Seitan Sandwich or Hummuswich are now found here and can be customized the way you want.




The Grilled Chicken Sandwich now comes with your choice of wing sauce.

4aNo longer limited to just Buffalo or Honey Ginger sauce, you can now have Medium Rochester if you choose.




Salads have more choices than ever.

5aStart with either the garden salad or Caesar as your base and add whatever protein you like.  Goat cheese once reserved for only the salad specials, is now on the menu.




So what’s gone?  A few items that only a few customers ordered and slowed down our system or added to our waste.  Sorry veggie melt, you too veggie plate.

6aThe hummus plate has been eliminated in favor of a better Mediterranean Sampler, now with celery and carrot sticks added as well.




We know change is hard but it’s for the best (are you listening Washington NFL?)  You’ll have it down in no time and we’ll still have the confused look on your parents’ faces when you bring them for Family Weekend to make us smile.