Music Monday 10/22 with Katie & Caroline 6:30-7:30

It’s yet another Red & Black employee showing their musical talent as our own Katie brings her pal Caroline in to sing and entertain us.
Come in for a bowl of hot soup- a grilled panino or a frosty fruit smoothie and be pleasantly and musically pleased. Oh wait!!!! that’s certainly not Caroline in the pic!!!Obviously, more surprises in store….

Music Monday October 8th with The Cartographers

This exciting new duo features our very own Rachel Rosengard and is destined to be one of our most exciting editions of Music Monday. She’s a uke virtuoso and their selection of beguiling cover tunes will charm the pants off ya!
One literally cannot begin to imagine the list of songs these two Wes hipsters will bring to the table. A table loaded with delicious panini s, frosty fruit smoothies and tasty coffee drinks.

RBC Music Monday Oct 1 @6:30 with The Grimm Generation

Music Monday chugs right along with the upcoming full combo version of The Grimm Generation this coming Monday. They’ve been playing for us every semester for a few years now, but this will be the biggest show yet! All pumped and primed for their appearance at The Independisc Birthday Bash on the weekend- we’ll be treated to their brand new bunch of songs as well as the familiar personal faves..
Perhaps the muse will be in attendance.
So come grab a panino, slurp a Smoothie or sip a cup of steaming fresh coffee and relax with The Grimm Generation.

Music Monday 6:30 pm Featuring The Blooming Youth

The Music Monday series is going on 6 years strong- and we pride ourselves with mixing the finest Connecticut performers with the cream of Wesleyan’s music community. This community is rich with talent and success and we’ve picked some winners. The Blooming Youth start with the fine song craftsmanship of Alek Lough, adds his deft guitar work and gilds the lily with the etherial vocals of Emma Daniels.
This is the fall semester Music Monday that you do not want to miss. You’ll probably say you WERE here after the word gets around….
So, come to the cafe and have a panino, a salad or a bowl of steaming soup- maybe a nice coffee drink or a fruit smoothie- then settle in for an amazing hour of fresh musical talent.

Music Monday @ RBC

The Music Monday series continues tonight 6:30-7:30 with a performance by Andrew Pheiffer. Andrew has played here before and never fails to rouse the crowd with his selection of well crafted originals and carefully chosen covers This guy lives and breathes music, so you never know what tunes he’ll pull out of his hat.

Come in and have a panino, slurp a fruit smoothie, and be entertained by another of Wesleyan’s storied musicians.