WesWings Specials Friday 12-14-18


Breakfast “Pail”
A container layered with hash browns, shredded cheddar, 2 eggs (over-easy or scrambled.) and your choice of ( turkey sausage, bacon, or avocado) Add extra eggs for $1.25 point each.$12.95

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast
Thick sliced cinnamon raisin bread, egg dipped and grilled. Served with a side of bacon, sausage or fruit. $13.95

Tuna Bagel Melt
Tuna on a toasted bagel with melted Swiss, Bacon and tomato. Served with soup, salad or fries.$12.95

Curried Chicken Salad
All white meat curried chicken salad with dried cranberries and lettuce on toasted 7 grain bread. Served with your choice of salad or fries. Or skip the bread and add to a garden salad. (If you add to a salad, there is NO side)$12.95

Avocado toast/Bagel with Smoked Salmon (Lox)
7 Grain toast or bagel with avocado, smoked salmon, tomato, onion and capers.$14.95

Italian Grilled Cheese
Prosciutto ( Italian ham) with tomato, pesto and provolone cheese on grilled 7 grain bread. Served with your choice of soup, salad or fries.$11.95


Penne a la Vodka
Penne pasta tossed in a housemade pink vodka cream sauce with grilled chicken. No topping for $10.95 Served with bread. $14.95

Chicken & Pesto Penne Alfredo
Pasta tossed to order with grilled chicken, falafel or seitan with grated cheese, pesto, roasted grape tomatoes in a creamy Alfredo sauce. Comes with a side of bread.$15.95

Texas Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce with grilled chicken, diced red pepper, corn, sun-dried tomatoes, grape tomatoes,avocado, house made croutons, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. Falafel, tofu and seitan available too.$15.95