Why We’re Selling WesWings

By now most have you have heard the rumor that WesWings was being sold.  It’s hard to keep a secret in the age of Facebook, twitter and Karen.  It has not been an easy decision for us.  For over 20 years, we have enjoyed meeting the thousands of students and frying their food.  We both realized that it was time to move on.  Working nights can be tiring and the winter break is too long.

The new owners have promised to keep the name and the decor, but as vegans, plan to make several changes to the menu.  They tell us that their locally sourced soybean cookie dough is quite good.  (so at least you can still get your cookie dough fix)

As for us, fortunately the money we’ve sold WesWings for combined with what we’ve charged for mozzarella sticks over the years, will allow us to retire quite comfortably.

We wish everyone the best.

-Karen & Ed