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Red and Black Café never seems to disappoint. This place is part deli, part coffee shop, a quarter bakery, and is conveniently located right in our campus bookstore. Did you ever notice the baskets of cheeses located in front of the refrigerator display near the yogurts and prepared sandwiches? And we’re not talking about pre-packaged American singles or string cheese. This is some quality stuff. Today we noticed blocks of Grana Parmesan, Brie, fresh mozzarella, and goat cheese. We asked the cashier if they just sold leftovers that they didn’t use on the sandwiches, and she explained that actually, a fare share of customers come in exclusively to purchase cheese, many of whom live in Junior Village. Overall, we don’t know what we’re more impressed with: the fact that the café in our campus bookstore is selling Bel Gioloso Fresh Mozzarella, or the concept that a good portion of our…

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