WesWings Specials Monday 2-8-16


Thai Salmon Wrap
– A tortilla wrap with grilled salmon, red pepper, wasabi peas, snap peas & carrots with a zesty Thai peanut sauce . Served with fries or small salad.$13.95

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich
– A chicken cutlet topped with ham, Swiss, lettuce and tomato on a soft roll. Served with a side of bleu cheese dressing and your choice of fries or salad.$11.95

“The Muenster Melt”
– Grilled 7 grain bread with Muenster cheese, roasted tomatoes and spinach. Served with fries, soup or salad.$10.95

BBQ’d Pulled Pork Wrap
– BBQ’d pulled pork with housemade bbq & shredded cheddar cheese in a wrap. Served with your choice of fries, salad or soup.$11.95

Dinner Entrees

Penne Bolognese
– Penne pasta topped with a housemade Bolognese meat sauce. Served with a side of bread.$14.95

Strawberry Fields Forever
– Salad greens with your choice of grilled chicken, fried seitan tofu, falafel, with sliced fresh strawberries, assorted vegetables, garbanzo beans, crumbled goat cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.$14.95

Mug Club is Back NOW ONLY 25 Points


IMG_1886UPDATE:  MUGS are now just $25 points.

Why spend 2 points or more every meal for your beverage?  Our Mug Club is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your points balance.

If you go to either location 3 times a week, you will save over $160 this year.  Go 5 times a week and save close to $300 this year.

Mug Club FAQ

What is it?

Purchase a reusable mug from either WesWings or Red & Black Café for free refills of soda and iced coffee every time you visit.

Can I use it at other campus locations?

Only WesWings and Red & Black Cafe.

How much is it? Continue reading

WesWings Specials Thursday 2-11-16

Lunch Specials

Monte Cristo
– Ham, turkey and Swiss cheese between thick Texas toast, egg dipped and grilled golden brown with a side of syrup for dipping. Served with fries or small salad or cup of soup.$12.95

Tarragon Grape Chicken Salad
– All white meat chicken salad seasoned with seedless grapes and tarragon in a wrap. Served with your choice of fries, small salad or small soup. Or, add to a garden salad.$11.95

French Connection
– Turkey breast on ciabatta with Brie cheese, baby greens, sliced apples & a spicy honey mustard spread. Served with fries or small house salad. $12.95

Dinner Entrées

Chicken (Pot Pie No Pie!) over Egg Noodles
– A creamy pot pie filling of peas, carrots, celery, onions and potatoes with chicken over egg noodles. Served with a biscuit.$14.95

Tortellini Salad
– Field greens with assorted vegetables & your choice of grilled chicken, seitan, falafel or tofu and topped with tri-colored cheese filled tortellini. Comes with house made balsamic dressing over field greens. $14.95

WesWings Specials Wednesday 2-10-16

Lunch Specials

Penne a la Vodka
– Penne pasta tossed in a housemade pink vodka cream sauce with grilled chicken.$13.95  No topping for $10.95

Mom’s Egg Salad
– Housemade egg salad in a wrap with lettuce. Comes with a side of fries or small salad or cup of soup.$11.95

Black Bean Veggie Burger
– Black bean veggie burger in a wrap with cheddar, avocado and salsa. Served with your choice of fries or small house salad.$11.95

Dinner Entrees

Chicken & Sausage Risotto
– Sweet Italian sausage simmered in parmesan risotto with sweet peas, mushrooms, shallots and a hint of white truffle oil. Served with a side of bread.$14.95

Panzanella Salad
– Salad greens and arugula tossed with olives, crusty hosemade croutons, asparagus tips, roasted grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan cheese, cucumber, basil, tossed in a red wine vinaigrette. Seitan, falafel, grilled chicken, turkey breast or tofu available too. $14.95

WesWings Specials Tuesday 2-9-16

Lunch Specials

Cheddar-Onion Ring-Burger
– A 6 ounce burger on onion roll with melted cheddar, bacon, chipolte-bbq sauce and onion rings on top! Comes with your choice of fries, soup or salad. Veggie burger also available.$11.95

Curried Chicken Salad
– All white meat curried chicken salad with dried cranberries and lettuce in a tortilla wrap. Served with your choice of salad or fries. Or skip the bread and add to a garden salad.$11.95

– A breaded chicken cutlet topped with bacon, Swiss, tomato & chipolte mayo. Served with your choice of soup, salad or fries.$11.95

Fried Ravioli
– Breaded and fried ricotta filled ravioli topped with a light marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. $12.95

Dinner Entrees

Chicken Parmigiana
– Lightly breaded and fried chicken breast baked with our homemade marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. Served over penne pasta with a side of bread.$14.95

Chop Salad
– Your choice of grilled chicken, seitan, falafel or tofu with chopped lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red radish, peppers, mushrooms & artichokes in a red wine vinaigrette. $14.95

Swings 25th Anniversary

FullSizeRender (7)This Saturday February 6th, marks our 25th anniversary.

We know some of you are saying “25 years?  I feel so old.”  Well how do you think we feel?  In just 25 short years, we’ve made thousand of friends and become a Wesleyan institution.

Join us on Saturday as we celebrate.  There is sure to be the usual free swag and other surprises.


We are still working out the details for a larger celebration later this semester.  And of course don’t forget the Super Bowl is the next day.

  • Karen & Ed

New! Text Your Order Service at Red & Black Cafe



  • Now you can text your order to the Red & Black Cafe all day everyday.
  • The first time you text us, you will be asked for your name and class year to add you to our system (it’s automated so play along).  After that it’s so quick and easy.
  • Ask us about specials or daily soups
  • Receive promotional updates and discounts

Text of Ed’s Speech to the Class 2016 at Wine and Cheese

FullSizeRender (5)On Friday September 25, WesWings sponsored a Wine and Cheese party for the class of 2016 at Beckham Hall.  For those who were unable to attend or may have had difficulty hearing due to sound and mic equipment problems, we are posting the details of Ed’s speech here.


Thank you and welcome.  I am Ed Thorndike and I, along with my business partner, Karen Polascik, own Wes Wings and The Red & Black Café.  As many of you know, Wes Wings will be celebrating its 25th year in business.  We have several events planned to celebrate starting with tonight.  Next week we’re bringing a group of our staff to NYC to see Hamilton.  We are also planning a large celebration next spring and we hope to see all of you then too.

Now in addition to owning WesWings, I am also an alum, class of 1989.   I want to welcome you tonight on behalf of the alumni association as well.  Over the coming days, weeks and months you will hear a lot of good reasons why you should contribute to the senior class gift.  And for those who have or will soon be giving, I thank you for your gift.  I know many of you have reasons why you DON’T want to give.  I’ve heard them.  I’m still paying tuition.  I don’t have a job.  I have tons of loans.  Or maybe you’re just pissed off at one of things the administration has done recently.  But here’s the thing.  For me.  When the smoke clears it comes down to the Wesleyan experience.  The Wesleyan experience is special and is what motivates me.  It’s been passed down to you and you will soon pass it down to classes that come after you.  You’re probably asking yourself, “what is this Wesleyan experience of which you speak so eloquently?”  Well I’ll tell you….

It’s football games and basketball and hockey.  It’s ultimate Frisbee and West African dance concerts outside.  It’s seeing your friends in shows at the ’92 theater.  It’s Ebony Singers in the Chapel, it’s research in Hall Atwater

It’s bands at Art House, Buho and Eclectic.  It’s parties in the backyards of Fountain.  It’s a party ON Fountain.  It’s Pine Palace or the Fishbowl.  It’s getting a grilled cheese at 2 am from Whey and a breakfast pail from WesWings the next day.  It’s O’Rourkes, or Ford News Diner.  It’s Thai Gardens, Typhoon and Neon.

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WTF Happened to My Turkey Panino and other Changes to the RBC Menu

FullSizeRender (4)

Relax it’s still here.  We made a lot of changes to the menu but we have only ADDED more items.  Your old favorites are still here and now you can make them better.

First the Turkey Panino.  Now you order it from the BYO Sandwich menu.

Turkey, cheddar and pesto on grilled focaccia bread.  Add some tomatoes it always makes it better.

In addition to the Turkey Panino you can customize lots of Sandwiches.

Under Build Your Own Sandwich you can create just what you want.  We still have our famous Cranberry-Apple Tuna.  We’ve added

  • Home cooked roast beef,
  • Baked ham
  • House made Hummus

Plenty of bread options and new spreads as well.  Any sandwich can be grilled on the panini.


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Red & Black Cafe’s $53,000 Completes a Decade of Giving

RBC LogoTen years ago beginning in 2005, we pledged a decade long campaign to contribute 1% of our gross sales from the Red & Black Cafe to support financial aid.  Our 1% For Aid campaign has been completed with over $53,000 in contributions. These funds had been restricted to financial aid and since 2009 we specifically directed these funds to the Johannah Justin Jinich ’10 scholarship, (a cause dear to our hearts).

As we begin our 13th year in business at the RBC, we appreciate all the support we’ve received from students and the Wesleyan community.  While this particular campaign is now complete, we will continue to support you, our customers, in new ways.

-Karen & Ed

Class of 2019 Guide To ‘Swinging

You’ve heard about it.  They have cookie dough.  Maybe you even ate there during WesFest.  But now you’re here, standing in line, with a crowd around you, and you hear one of the cashiers yell, “Can I help who’s next?”  

WesWings can be a little daunting the first few times.  Some will panic and just order a burger and fries or a chicken sandwich.  Our menu is pretty extensive and the choices are vast.

  • What kind of bread?
  • Regular or spicy fries?
  • What kind of sauce?
  • Here or to go?

To list just a few of the questions you’ll be asked.

So here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of our little dining establishment.

  1. Water is free, cups are not.  We charge 25 cents for a water cup so if you don’t want to buy a drink, bring your own mug.  We do this to reduce waste, not make money.
  2. To Go containers are free.  Our portions are big and delicious so why not bring it home.

What to order?

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